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Paediatric Physiotherapist Bristol
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Paediatric Physiotherapist Bristol
Paediatric Physiotherapist Bristol
Paediatric Physiotherapist Bristol
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Paediatric Physiotherapist Bristol

This therapy uses the natural movement of a horse to support and change the postural control of the rider. I love to deliver these sessions, and we often combine it with lots of nature based therapies to create positive change based on your child’s specific needs.

This is for you if...
you want to harness the benefits of horses, play and nature to holistically enhance your child’s development.

Paediatric Physiotherapist Bristol

Intensive Physiotherapy
By working intensively over a series of consecutive days to provide a comprehensive assessment of your child’s development, we will provide a therapeutic programme that will get really clear on your goals. We will provide a clear, actionable plan to continue at home.

This is for you if…
you want to work intensively with me in a face to face capacity, and take proactive action to create change. These blocks typically run at the beginning and end of each half term.

Paediatric Physiotherapist Bristol

Physio Support
Through a variety of services based at the SENStory HQ, we will work with you and your child on the goals that have been set in consultation with you as a family, and our team of professionals. This will be offered through ongoing weekly appointments.

This is for you if…
you've already had a block of intensive physiotherapy and want to continue to work together on a regular basis to get hands on support with your therapy.

Get in touch to talk to us about booking an initial assessment!

Sarah, Hippotherapy and Physio Parent

" are such a fab hippotherapist for (my daughter) and she loves her sessions, most important the laughs she has with you and from me Thank You for support listening and most of all knowing the battles us parents deal with on daily basis"

Balance Bootcamp Programme Member

​"We have been using a lot of your therapy ideas for at home and (our daughter) gave us a great Christmas present on Christmas Eve she began crawling independently! ​We are ever so proud of her, but none of this would be possible without all the help and support you gave us."

Mum to Ezzy

“She has one amazing physio who always put her needs 100% first. Ezzys Progression is also a massive nod to all your hard work over the last 4 yrs which you Know we are truly grateful”

Equipping SEN Children for Life: Changing the Neurodiversity SENStory

With practical, easy to implement movement and sensory aware approaches, you’ll learn how to enhance brain development and wellbeing. I will show you just how to tune in to your own Processing PowersⓇ and needs in order to understand diversity. These lightbulb moments are the first step to re-writing the narrative experience for SEN children and families.