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SENStory HQ is the brand new location for all our therapy services, set up by SENStory CIC

SENStory CIC is a not-for-profit organisation created to re-write the SEN story for all SEN children and young people.

Our beautiful new site has an American barn, several fields, enclosures, and a training arena to facilitate our sessions. It is also home to our gorgeous herd of mini-Shetland ponies who support us with our equine and nature-based therapy sessions. Surrounded by lush fields and wide-open space our HQ has plenty of room to play; children can immerse themselves in the nature and access excellent opportunities for regulation.




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Our youngest member of the gang at just 3 years old! Willow is gentle, and kind and loves nothing more than a scratch and a cuddle. She loves being talked to. As such a young therapy pony, she joins in for short tactile and grooming sessions and is not yet working at full capacity so she has time to grow, settle in and find her confidence.

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bozzy & sweetpea

Bozzy is our tiniest addition at just 6 hands high! He is so gentle, patient and happy to munch on his hay net whilst doing his thing. He is our go to for introductions, anxious clients and those who need a slower pace and forgiving attitude. He is perfect for our children and young people with more complex physical and sensory needs.

Sweetpea is just 4 years old but having been hand reared after being rescued she craves attention from humans! She will have a slow introduction to work as a therapy pony but thinks she needs to be involved anyway!

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The resident cheeky chap who has always got time for a quite and gentle snuggle. Underneath the bravado Pasha, like many of our children and young people, he take his time to build a relationship with new people but will give you his all along the way. Pasha is liberty trained and thrives on work, he loves to be busy!

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Our wise soul, Strider has been around the planet a few times before! A curious and sparky personality, this stoic chap seeks out kisses, cuddles and fuss at every opportunity. Strider is trained to ride and drive and is in training as our resident hippotherapy pony.

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Our blue eyed boy, Frazer wakes up with his make up as he sports a beautiful black natural 'eyeliner' around his bright blue eyes! Frazer is just 5 years old and a native Welsh breed. He is a master in training for ground work in the arena with obstacle courses and agility work. He is looking forward to getting stuck in with life as an EFL and therapy pony.

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A firm SENStory favourite. Brian is the first to offer his services for a heart hug and will wrap himself around you for a cuddle in return. Expressive and curious, Brian loves to nuzzle and explore your hands, arms or even your hair and he's sure to raise a giggle! Brian is one of our resident EFL horses who works with young people and adults alike.