I understand that you feel like there's only one way but...

Pain points

Let me help you create a business culture that embodies inclusion and mutual respect from a foundation of knowing and supporting your own processing powers!


Meet Jo

Award Winning Consultant Physiotherapist in special educational needs and disabilities, number 1 best selling Author of Equipping SEN Children for Life and multiple business owner. 

Jo helps families, schools, businesses and individuals to rewrite their narrative for inclusion, diversity and disability. We offer inclusion consultancy and training services alongside our non-profit organisation. SENStory CIC, which delivers therapy, learning and play for families and education settings in the great outdoors and with horses.

As a parent to children with additional needs who have been failed by the health and education systems, Jo uses her professional knowledge of entrepreneurship, diverse brains, people and inclusion to support her mission to create systemic change for inclusion in education and business.

Jo's Masterclass was hugely impactful, the feedback was incredible and some huge realisations happened for everyone involved!

Emma Wakefield, Etala Energetics

It all comes down to intention and action!

Understanding your own innate needs is a powerful tool to self acceptance.  Imagine if you could create a day that maximised your ability to focus or feel calm. Imagine if you had all the information you need to increase your power and self acceptance? The answers lie within. Many of us have heard of the fight, flight response but too few people know what leads to these responses. By maximising your personal profile for movement, noise, environment and mood we can contribure to our wellbeing, productivity and engagement with lide, work and family. It all comes down to Processing Powers - as diverse as each of our neurotypes. 

what's included?


Join Jo for a 60 minute recorded webinar, in which she will use her extensive knowledge and expertise to guide you through the world of neurodiversity and sensory processing!


The Know Your Processing Powers workshops are accompanied by specifically designed booklets to help you consolidate your learning. These also act as a great journal to keep the thoughts that spark for you in one place! 



Jo is knowledgable, as a professional and as a parent. Great speaker, totally inspiring!

Matt, Education Professional

Running a business doesn't have to be a slog. Learn to harness your processing powers and support your needs!

Know Your Processing Powers with Sensory Processing

  • A 60 minute workshop to help you understand and harness your own Processing Powers

Know Your Processing Powers with Executive Functioning

  • A 60 minute workshop to help you understand and harness your own Processing Powers