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I'm a children's physio but also a Mum to two boys, one of whom is Autistic, ADHD with additional needs. My experience as a Parent Professional has taught me so much about both sides of this world. 

My services offer fun, play based, break the mould, Physiotherapy for children with disabilities and additional needs. We get out of the clinic space into nature, often with our little team of Mini Shetland facilitators. Everything I do is child led, play based with fun at the centre (accompanied by a sprinkle of science of course!)

I developed The SENStory™ Play Programme as a sensory-motor based approach to learning. It has inclusion, awareness and acceptance of neurodiversity and SEND at the heart of it’s approach. Endorsed and created by me, a Highly Specialist Paediatric Physiotherapist and Early Years Director. The programme was created in collaboration with other Paediatric Specialists including Speech and Language, Occupational Therapy, Psychotherapy and Educators from Early Years and Primary settings.

Using the SENStory™ Play Programme I help families, professionals and service providers to rewrite the SEN story. We promote a nature based programme of activities that support development, learning, physical and motor skills, in order to provide sensory enriching environments and allow us to maximise opportunities for development of the brain. This is a really holistic way to develop children's skills.


SENStory™ is changing the narrative for children with additional needs. We are proud to have watched the lightbulb moments that have occurred for the education and service providers we have supported with our training programmes and workshops. When providers are empowered to understand how children’s needs can be met with simple, low resource adaptations we have the chance to change the experiences for all children in our settings.

Whether you need CPD opportunities for group training or an inspiring speaker for an event, you are in the right place. Take a look below to find out how to get started on your own SENStory™ journey.

Download a copy of my Speaker Overview then come and connect with me on LinkedIn.

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SENStory Play Workshop

Join me for an interactive and play based workshop teaching the 8 (yes 8!) sensory systems in the context of nature-based play, delivered through movement. We will cover how it contributes to development in the early years focusing on inclusion and Special Educational Needs and Disabilities. Participants will leave with an introduction to the skills needed to apply this into their own settings and planning.

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SENStory™ Foundation training

Delivered either face to face or online, this foundation training will give the participants an in depth view of the SENStory™ Play Programme. You will be given all the tools you need to create an accessible environment in your setting, using positions for play and nature. We will improve understanding of diverse needs and, together, champion inclusion and begin to change the narrative for children with additional needs.

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Do you want to improve the way your provision supports all children, but in particular children with additional needs? Through either a face to face or online consultation, we can get really focused on the strategies and resources that you currently use and how they might be improved to help all children thrive! We will work together to build your next steps into an actionable plan that you can use throughout your provision.