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Are you "that" parent - Jo McMeechan

Are you “that” parent?

I’m starting a club. It’s for “that” parent. Hello! Is that you?

You know you’ve reached “that” parent status when either you feel neurotic every time you talk to your child’s professional who wants to convince you nothing more is possible, or professionals put their heads down and hope you’re not on their hit list that day!

Well, I’ll be honest… I am “that” parent, and I wear it like a badge of honour. Because without it, the understanding, knowledge and support that I KNOW can make a difference wouldn’t be in place for my own child. Without it, I wouldn’t be able to enact change for him and all the other children that have come before and will come after him. Plus, I’m pretty sure I wasn’t put on this earth to accept no as an answer.

So, I’m starting a club, and it’s not going to be secret or shrouded in shame. It’s going to be loud, proud and backed by an experienced professional (me!) who has navigated the system and can call out the bull. To remind you it’s OK to shout from the rooftops about your child being capable of so much more than someone else sees and not taking no for an answer.

I left the NHS because I was so tired of feeling that spreading limited resources thinly to the masses wasn’t enough. Instead, I chose to use my own resources to the max, with just a few clients. Working holistically, getting creative and finding new ways that work for a family. And you know what? SO much more was possible, children flourished under my care with the support of their amazing families. Then online working took off and I realised it wasn’t either, or! I realised there was another way to improve access to services by empowering parents and arming them with knowledge through the work I did online.

Online working has given me the opportunity to spread high quality education, knowledge and empowerment to the masses. Accepting that our current system no longer works; that is my 2021 focus. To change it, to get all those who have considered themselves at one time or another to be “that” mum, and find a new and better way forward.

To all my fellow “that” mums, I’ve got you. It’s time for change ❤️

Want in? You can join me over in The Therapy Toolkit Hub™

Jo x

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