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Consultant paediatric physiotherapist working with you


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ARE YOU A FAMILY LOOKING FOR SUPPORT? It's time to take your first step...

Are you ready to become an empowered parent? To feel confident in the decisions you make for your family?

I know you are, that's why you're here!

The level of overwhelm as a parent of a child with additional needs can be HUGE. That's why I've made it nice and simple for you.

I'm here to help you navigate the health and education systems building yourself a handy toolkit of resources, knowledge and professional support. Wherever you are in your journey my team and I are ready to support you.

We work together with our community organisation SENStory CIC and our incredible team of providers and therapists to deliver fun, play based therapy, leisure and learning opportunities out in nature and with horses.

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Paediatric Physiotherapist Bristol

Physio & Hippotherapy
I love to work with children in a truly holistic way, this is most often offered through Hippotherapy or EquestriSEN sessions. We use nature and play-based activities to support both their physical, sensory and mental wellbeing needs to help bridge the gap and start creating positive change.

This is for you if...
You are looking for support to improve your child's movement patterns, strength and development, with a clear, actionable plan. Whether you are supported through single assessment or a longer term therapy input our range of services and EHCP packages are here to help.

Paediatric Physiotherapist Bristol


SENStory CIC is our not for profit community organisation supporting children and young people with additional needs, their families, professionals and providers. We have a dedicated accessible and inclusive 4 acre site with 7 therapy horses waiting to welcome you in!

This is for you if...
You are looking for wellbeing and learning focused activities in nature or Equine Assisted Learning and activities. We support a range of families with equine therapy and activities that support social and emotional literacy, engagement and wellbeing as well as learning and life skills.

Paediatric Physiotherapist Bristol

As a trained public speaker and consultant in SEN. I offer courses, workshops and downloads that are easy to digest and apply. Covering a variety of topics, I will offer you simple information and advice that is backed up by my extensive experience and qualification in the areas of physiotherapy and SEN needs.

This is for you if...
You are looking to increase your knowledge to empower you as a Parent. The SENStory Academy has pre recorded ready to access training, alongside live group programmes. The Toolkit Builder workshops are a great place to start!

No-one knows your child like you. You know them inside and out, the things that can trigger them, the things to say, and the things not to say. And that’s why you know they need more.

More help, more support, more focused attention. I get it, I’ve been there personally as a SEN Parent, as well as professionally. And I’m here to tell you that there’s always a way to start taking those steps towards progress to rewrite your journey. Towards a positive change. That’s where I come in.

Start building solid foundations for movement.
Re-take control of your situation.

So where do we start? My approach always begins with looking at the bigger picture and then stripping it right back to basics. You wouldn’t build a house without solid foundations, and it’s the same for movement. We need to put the building blocks in place, those little milestones that will lead you and your child to the bigger goals.



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It’s my mission to support you and your child, however complex your needs.

My holistic approach will help you discover a deeper understanding and plan for the future. As a Mum who’s been on this journey myself I want you to no longer have to feel like you need to wear all the hats all the time. That means feeling supported, empowered and confident push for what your child needs. It means no more feeling alone. It means feeling like you have a support network to move forwards.

And it means leaving sterile, clinical environments behind. Play is such a powerful learning tool, which is why it’s at the heart of my approach. I disguise exercises to create fun, child-led sessions, meaning we can tailor, tweak and build progressions based on your individual needs.

With the right foundations strong for sustainable development, and an approach that you can action easily at home, all children have the opportunity to thrive in the future.

I’ve seen the possibilities, and I would love to be part of your journey.

Sarah, Hippotherapy and Physio Parent

"Jo...you are such a fab hippotherapist for (my daughter) and she loves her sessions, most important the laughs she has with you and from me Thank You for support listening and most of all knowing the battles us parents deal with on daily basis"

Balance Bootcamp Programme Member

​"We have been using a lot of your therapy ideas for at home and (our daughter) gave us a great Christmas present on Christmas Eve she began crawling independently! ​We are ever so proud of her, but none of this would be possible without all the help and support you gave us."

Mum to Ezzy

“She has one amazing physio who always put her needs 100% first. Ezzys Progression is also a massive nod to all your hard work over the last 4 yrs which you Know we are truly grateful”

I’ve seen both sides of the journey...

Hey, I’m Jo, a Highly Specialist Paediatric Physiotherapist, wife and mum to two boys. From my 8 year career in the NHS, to setting up my own practice I’ve been working with children from 0-16 years with a variety of physical needs. But that’s just one side of my story. My household is full of diversity and a battle with a broken education system that didn't fit the same mould as my children. Arthur, my youngest is Autistic ADHD with a PDA profile. I’ve been there, passed from pillar to post as you search for progress, support and that holy grail EHCP and EOTAS package. I am also a home educating Mum to my eldest diverse superstar who has dysgraphia and dyscalculia.

So I understand the emotional, physical and mental side of what you’re going through. Whether it’s feeling on the verge of burnout with trying to manage day to day life, or dealing with schools, I’ve been there pushing for more, pushing to help them thrive. I also understand the importance of family, and creating that support so you can find your way forwards. But most of all, I know that ‘no’ is not an option. If we accept no, we accept a narrative of failure for our children and we never change that SENStory®. And now I want to help you see that more is always possible for you and your family too.


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Equipping SEN Children for Life: Changing the Neurodiversity SENStory

With practical, easy to implement movement and sensory aware approaches, you’ll learn how to enhance brain development and wellbeing. I will show you just how to tune in to your own Processing PowersⓇ and needs in order to understand diversity. These lightbulb moments are the first step to re-writing the narrative experience for SEN children and families.