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Child Physiotherapist Bristol
Child Physiotherapist Bristol
Child Physiotherapist Bristol
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I've been you. I’M HERE FOR YOU

One thing you need to know about me is that I’ve seen both sides of this journey. As a Highly Specialist Paediatric Physiotherapist in the NHS and in independent practice I’ve worked closely with parents to champion their children to thrive. I understand the constraints of the system from the inside.

But there’s more to my story than that. I’m also a Wife, Daughter, and Mum to two boys, one of whom is Autistic ADHD with Sensory Processing Disorder. So I know how it feels to juggle the day to day, to deal with schools and nursery and not feel seen by the system. I knew what I needed to do, but even doubted myself as 'that' parent for a while.

That’s when I knew something had to change.
That’s when I knew I needed to do more.

I decided I wanted families to stop experiencing the same story of inequality. I wanted more for them, more for you. And that’s when I stet up SENStory CIC, so I could help families like yours to bridge the gap between private treatment and access to free resources.

I developed The SENStory® Approach, a sensory-motor based approach to learning and wrote my number 1 best selling book Equipping SEN Children for Life. It has inclusion, awareness and acceptance of neurodiversity and SEND at it's heart. I am passionate about improving the experiences of our children with additional needs and love to help other health and education provisions to re-write the SENStory®!

Now all of my time, energy and expertise goes into championing



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Child Physiotherapist Bristol

We encounter so many road blocks as we navigate the health and education systems. We become disillusioned by what's possible with the right support. There is always another way forwards, another option, which means no more hearing ‘all the options’ or ‘we’ve done all we can.’ For me, and for the families I work with, no is not an option. We will find a way forwards, your way forwards, together.

For your child to thrive, you need to thrive too.

No-one is expecting you to have the perfect systems in place right now. Perfect parenting isn’t a thing in any situation, let alone this one. But with the right support, guidance and advice, you will stop feeling overwhelmed with what to do next and start to feel confident in the tools you have, and the action you’re taking.

And that’s where my holistic approach, to supporting your child and also your family comes in, helping you to move forwards together, with clarity and hope for what’s next.

Hey, I’m Jo, and before starting this journey I spent 8 years working as a Paediatric Physiotherapist in the NHS.

Deep down I knew that was never enough for me. I knew I could help more, and do more if I was free to do things my way. And with Arthur’s journey I’ve been there, passed from pillar to post as you search for progress.

I’ve totally changed my expectations as a parent, learned how to communicate with Arthur, how to understand his needs and put the right support systems in place for him, and more than that, I’ve also helped to re-educate everyone who’s in his life as he grows to ensure they have all the right information to help if I’m not around. Plus, I’ve also learned how to react when you don’t feel listened to, especially when those feelings of tiredness or burnout get to be too much. A lot of that stems from the support of my family, which is why protecting and looking after your family is key to so much of what I do now.

Family time is so precious to me.

I understand the balance needed to be able to make that work and have the energy to show up for my family when they need me. 

I understand the struggle of balancing the demands of motherhood with professionalism because I know I need a flexible schedule to be able to meet Arthur's needs. We always put our family time first. It’s precious and it’s the perfect way to re-centre and re-energize. That balance is key for me, because it means I can show up for my boys as the best parent I can be.

For me, the place I escape to is with my horses and dogs. They help me clear my mind in a safe space, where I can recharge ready to push for more every day. They stop me feeling guilty about taking time for me, and helped me to realise that by prioritizing me every now and again, I will find the energy to help my family and my clients, you, even more.

One thing I can always promise you is that by working with me you’ll have someone who’s on your side, pushing for more, pushing for your child to thrive whatever their needs may be.